Welcome to your new source for natural beauty!

We offer a chic edit of the most effective natural products and remedies currently on the market — formulations we love and use for ourselves and our families.

We believe in a holistic approach to beauty that is based on health and wellness —
living an active lifestyle; getting enough sleep; drinking plenty of water;
eating whole foods; and nourishing your face and body with effective,
beautiful products comprised of the best natural ingredients.

We believe in elevating daily routines into rituals, and that taking care of yourself enables you to better take care of and provide for others.

We represent clean, curated beauty that starts from the inside out.


Flauren Bender and Hallie Lamont are the founders of THE GREENWAY SHOP . Lawyers by training
(Flauren and Hallie practiced health and corporate law respectively), the two met in a music class after
their first babies were born and immediately bonded over a shared interest in health and wellness.
Their friendship evolved as their families grew (the two now have six children between them ages one to seven)
and they traded their favorite all-natural remedies, recipes, and products for themselves and their children.
Realizing they couldn’t source many of their clean beauty and wellness favorites locally (and definitely not in
all in one place), and wanting to share their finds with the Dallas community, they decided to create THE GREENWAY SHOP!

THE GREENWAY SHOP is Dallas' first destination for clean, curated beauty & wellness.